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Your Next Meal Could Be Made With Love


Are you stuck in the habit of eating out?  How much do you spend for meals on the run or at your local eatery?  Are you feeling your best with the food you’re eating? Restaurants have convinced us that cooking at home is difficult, time-consuming and more expensive so we’ll keep eating out.  None of this is true.  Here are 6 ideas for spending less and feeling better:

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Sometimes It’s About the Little Things


Jon Kabat-Zinn, the father of mindfulness describes it as paying attention in a particular way without judgement.  I think of it as an awareness. Have you ever been so caught up in thought or activity that you didn’t know where the time went?  Do you ever find yourself stuck replaying a conversation or rehearsing something over and over?  Have you munched out on chips, popcorn, candy and before you realized it, the bowl was empty? Read more

Did You Remember Your Plan B?


Imagine that you’ve made plans for a new walking program.  You set up your clothes, your alarm, the coffee is on auto.  You’re psyched to go.  The alarm goes off and there is unexpected rainfall.  You groan and roll over to return to sleep.  Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow, but maybe not.  Our best intentions are often easily derailed by circumstances.

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If You Could Take One Step Toward Losing Weight

Want to lose weight? Not to sure where to begin? One of the most powerful steps you can take is to get rid of soda and diet soda; both stimulate sugar cravings.  Soda consumption has been linked to rising rates of obesity, as well as to an increased risk for diabetes heart disease and stroke. In spite of this, Americans still continue to guzzle extra calories through this sugary drink. In fact, the average American consumes 44 gallons of soda in just one year.  We understand that quitting your soda habit can be difficult. To make the withdrawal easier, we thought of giving you some healthy and tasty soda alternatives.

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Stress-busting Foods


Studies revealed that about 40% of Americans are overeating and are munching on unhealthy foods as a result of stress. While a bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream can buy you a temporary sense of calm, their calming properties wear off way too fast. After the initial pleasure wears off, you’ll feel guilty and even more anxious.  The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, skip the chips and try one of these stress-busting foods.

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How to Combat Winter Blues


With the cold weather and the shorter days accompanying the winter months, we see dips in mood and energy levels at this time of the year. Studies show that 1 out of 10 Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or winter depression.

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Want to live a little longer?


Good genes have a lot to do with how long you’ll live. But if you make a few positive changes in your lifestyle, you can extend that time even further. Studies suggest that a healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that determine how long a person will live.

Apparently, these healthy habits are a part of the daily lives of the centenarians. Make these a part of your habits now and get ready to blow out more candles.

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Going Heavy to Lighten Up!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 8.33.57 PM

by Jessica Doyle

Happy June! As the temperatures soar, and the social calendar fills, I’m here to help you create a fitness routine that will help you not only keep that summer body you’ve worked for throughout the winter and spring, but also make it even fitter and stronger for Labor Day and beyond – after all, a toned derriere is always in season. Read more

Hot Lips Southern Barbecue Sauce

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.08.44 AM

This sauce is courtesy of my sister, Lori, who shared it with me many years ago.  It is a tasty, all purpose recipe, and we used to spread it on chicken before we both went meatless.  Now we might use it on firm tofu, tempeh or seitan.  Its versatility lends itself to lots of purposes, and it can be made as hot or as bland as you want just by adjusting the hot sauce.

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Help For Your Bodacious Bod During Party Season

grilled veggies

So you’ve worked hard to get in shape all spring, and now it’s summer party time!  How will you get through the season with health, vitality and fun?  Here are some tips and recipes to keep you laughing, dancing and enjoying your summer.

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Growing a Secret Garden of Kindness


Do you bloom with good works and forgiveness for others?  How about yourself?  What does your inner garden look like?  Is it bursting with boundless energy and love?  Or is it weedy and neglected?  Some of the most anxious and unhappy people that I help are those who are kind to others but who don’t turn that kindness inward.  The crazy thing is that when you don’t treat yourself well, you burn out more easily. Read more

Financial Spring Cleaning: 7 Steps


Do you find yourself stressing over your bills?  Do you dread sitting down to make ends meet?  Have you been avoiding making yourself an honest budget?  Finances can be a significant source of stress, leading to physical ailments, anxiety and depression.  Taking a positive approach to releasing this stress can greatly enhance your health and well-being. Read more

Beat Cabin Fever by Feeding People You Love


Sunday I was stuck inside the house again.  We’ve had a very snowy winter with frigid temperatures here in the North.  In the beginning I had every intention of staying cheerful and making the best of it. Read more

5 Ways to Weather a Crisis


It was Halloween and I was having labor pains.  My baby was due in February.  “OK don’t panic, you’re a nurse in maternity.  You know what to do.”  I lay down with one glass of wine and the contractions went away.  Wow that was a close one…

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Strength and Patience Await

“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.” Hal Borland.
I love trees.  I was an avid tree climber as a child.  During the sultry summers in Georgia, tall Sweet Gum trees were great for climbing, cooling off, and feeling on top of the world.  Trees sheltered me when I wanted to escape and be alone.

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Off the Plate


Recently, I was helping my daughter with an engagement party for 50 + people.  The party was just what she imagined, and it was a great feeling to know that so many people took pleasure in the event.  Now there is an empty space on my plate of activities.

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Smoothing the Wrinkles

autum walk

Yesterday I was out for a walk along our street.  We have the good fortune of living up the road from a causeway with spectacular views.  The day was overcast and when this happens, the colors just pop.  I came across this tree with a bright red vine growing within its branches.  The color was so intense that I had to take a photo.  It reminded me to appreciate this brief time of year, autumn.  I always have mixed feelings about the fall, but they come from anticipating winter with its short days and my own issues about having to bundle up just to go to the car.  When I stop focusing on what is to come and stay in the present, I feel this deep sense of joy and appreciation of the autumn season.  The colors are warm and jewel-like, the temperatures are energizing, and the sunsets are vivid.  Fall is brief and precious.  I’m glad that this little vine reminded me of that. Read more

How can you have more fun with your time?


Do you find yourself worrying about the weeks ahead? Do you feel weighted down with responsibilities?

I find that my energy can get sapped by thinking about all the things I have to do and when I could get them done.

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The Sound of Silence


Have you been one of those fortunate people to spend a few days in silence?  Most of us have very little time in that state and many of us are afraid of it.

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Should I or Shouldn’t I?


Our lives seem to be caught up in “shoulds”.  From the time we are small our learning often takes the form of what we should do and must do.  Is it any wonder that many of us miss out on the sheer pleasure of being alive? Read more

Go Forth with Confidence and Humor


Do you get stressed and frustrated with flying places these days?  Do you find it daunting to take children on a trip?  Does the thought of travel cause your heart to speed up or your stomach to churn with anticipation? Read more

Got Asthma? Stress Less and Breathe Freely


Has the spring brought you more than warm weather?  Are you one of the millions of Americans who cope with breathing problems when the season changes?  How can you honor your breath and feel more comfortable in your body to get ready for all of the fun that spring and summer will bring? Read more

Mother’s Day Salad


Here is a yummy salad that you could make for yourself or your special mom.  It is full of ingredients that reduce stress and boost energy.

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The Power of Presence


Total presence: a powerful way to offer love to another person. Putting aside your thoughts, emotions, judgements, need to tell your story, and just listening, watching and truly seeing that person. In some situations that is all that you can do and it is enough.

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4 Steps to Acceptance


How do you move from struggling with something that you cannot change to acceptance? I realized when encouraging someone else to stop struggling, that I had some work of my own to do.

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7 Ways to Embrace Change


Our lives can be transformed in an instant – whether for better or for worse.  Anyone who has suffered a tragedy can tell us this.  Do we live in fear of change or do we live in harmony with it. 

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Wellness Bytes – Adjusting Your Life

chiropractic-adjustment copy

Have you ever wondered about the interplay between your spine and your body?  Do you have muscle tension and backaches from time to time?  Ever wondered about your thoughts and their affects on your pain level?  

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Wellness Bytes – Are You A Worrier?


Wellness Bytes #15

Do you ever get caught in the “what if” mode of thinking?  Here is a typical scenario for a traveler who worries.  What if it snows out my vacation flight?  What if I don’t leave early enough for the airport?  What if I forgot to pack something?  What if I left the coffee pot on and my place catches fire? And so on…. How tiring it is to get caught up in all that!  Believe me, I have a brain that can easily fall into that pattern.

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Black Bean Humus

black bean hummus

Get your party started with some appetizers.  You can have assorted small bites of your favorite foods, formal appetizers or a variety of vegetables, nibbles and some dips.

Here is a dip that Annie created, to boost your nutrition, lower your stress level,  and add flavor to your party.

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Wellness Bytes – Stress Less Parties


 Wellness Bytes #14

I tend to run hot and cold with doing parties: I love people and enjoy making fun for my friends,  but I can also get pretty stressed-out over creating an event. But parties and get-togethers really help to create lasting ties with friends, and they give everyone something to look forward to.

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Superfood Hot Chocolate

Guess what! You will now be able to get a weekly recipe with your Wellness Bytes. I have teamed up with Annie Markowitz, who is working on providing you with ways to eat that will support your body’s ability to deal with stress!

This week’s recipe is Superfood Hot Chocolate – packed with magnesium for adrenal support. And it will warm you up after your winter outing.  Enjoy!

hot chocolate


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Wellness Bytes – Are You Getting Your Vitamin N?


Wellness Bytes #13

It has been a long winter, but that is not  a good reason to sit at home.  Get those hiking shoes out of the closet and thumb your nose at that dirty snow.  If you are not getting your vitamin N, you could be feeling more stressed and unhealthy than necessary.

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Life – It’s A Journey


True confessions – For me it’s still a journey.  Like everyone else I have positive and negative moments and thoughts.  This has been a week with more negative than positive situations:  patients with bewildering lab results, friends going through hard times, aging parents, and interpersonal challenges both at work and at home.  We all have these times. 

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Wellness Bytes – Your Precious Heart


Wellness Bytes #11

In honor of American Heart Month, let’s pause to appreciate our hearts.

  • Our hearts beat about 42 million times in a year.
  • In our lifetime our hearts move about 1 million barrels of blood throughout out bodies.
  • Our hearts work tirelessly, mostly without our noticing.
  • In energy medicine, the heart chakra is the location of love, compassion, inspiration and generosity.

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Why Do We Wait Until We are Broken?


I was having a conversation with someone yesterday that really got me to thinking.  We seem to wait until our bodies or emotions are sick before we do anything about it.  We ignore the clear warning signs showing us that we are standing on the railroad track and the train is heading our way.

 In my own life, I ignored and “brushed aside” stress for many years.  I didn’t realize the consequences of ignoring my body and mind until I wound up on the couch in a fetal position for two weeks.

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The End of a Long Day


This is not a Wellness Bytes post.  That is coming next week.  Let me start by saying that I still have a thriving “medical” practice apart from my coaching so this is a post of a working woman who has had a long day.  I was driving home from work tonight at 8PM (I left the house at 8 this morning).  This has been my pattern for 3 days in a row now.  At first I was having a pity party about how I shouldn’t have to be staying so late, no one else at my office does this.  But halfway home I started thinking of all the things that went right today….all the people I smiled at, laughed with and helped.  And you know what?  I felt so much better!  I think about how this is my life and I might only get one chance to help someone – so why not just relax and enjoy the ride even when it’s bumpy. 

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Wellness Bytes – First You, Then Me


Wellness Bytes #10

Tomorrow morning I’m transporting food from our local Shoprite store to the Putnam Community Action Plan, a neighborhood food bank.  This planned activity got me to thinking that I’ve spent a great deal of time discussing ways we can care for ourselves, but not so much about caring for other people.  

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Wellness Bytes – The Super Fun List


Wellness Bytes #9

It’s Friday! Woo Hoo! What are you doing tonight? What are you doing this weekend? What DO YOU DO for fun, anyway?

I have been thinking about fun over the past few months. Some of us can get pretty serious when wrapped up in work and responsibilities, and there are others who just naturally know how to incorporate fun into their day.

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Hit the pause button; a gift for you

Feeling a bit under the weather today, I decided not to write an entire blog article, BUT… I want to leave you with a Friday gift.  This is a brief mindfulness of breathing exercise that I recorded.  I must credit Duke Integrative Medicine with the written version of this exercise.  It is just over 6 minutes long, so can be integrated into your day or evening if you choose. 

I find that just spending a few formal moments each day, to pause and be present in our bodies, makes a big difference in how the day plays out.  We may still have to contend with things we may not like or feel comfortable with, but after days and weeks of taking a specific time out, the discomforts are more likely to just flow through and not hang on to us. 

Now, the difficult part is to just find a moment alone to listen.

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Let’s Get Serious About Chronic Stress


Wellness Bytes #8

Relocating from Atlanta, raising 4 children while attending grad school, working as a health practitioner and running a business have certainly exposed me to chronic stressors.  We are all potentially vulnerable.

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Wellness Bytes – Step into Love


Wellness Bytes #7

Do you have days when stress becomes distress? Use this exercise to turn down the volume of distress so that you can focus and find a moment of joy.  Practice for 5 minutes at home so you can integrate it into your day.

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Wellness Bytes – Eat to Savor


Wellness Bytes #6

How does eating and food affect you and your life?  Do you have rituals around mealtime?  Do you quickly inhale your meals and run on to the next activity or chore?  Do you eat while reading or watching TV?  Are you curled around your favorite snack or dessert, blanking out the unpleasant day you’ve had?  Are meals a special time for you or just something that must be done?  Or do you tend to skip meals? Is there a way to completely savor your food?

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Wellness Bytes – Laugh it up, Chuckles….


Wellness Bytes #5

Listening to my daughter struggling with our hoses while washing cars made me burst into laughter today. First the connection didn’t work right, then one of the hoses ripped and I heard screams as the cold water was spraying out. This all occurred during a time of intense study and concentration for me. The “laugh attack” put me in a more open and relaxed state of mind. This led to a decision to write about laughter this week.

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Wellness Bytes – May you be happy, May you be well, May you be connected…


Wellness Bytes #4

This weekend, my brother- and sister-in-law came to visit with their 3 adult children. We have not really had time in the past to connect for more than an evening out or for a family party. Unlike our previous times together, we spent four days having meaningful conversations, laughing, and sharing outdoor and indoor fun. I came to know and to appreciate our family in a deeper way, and after they left, instead of feeling depleted and stressed, I felt energized, loved, and connected with them in a new way.

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Wellness Bytes – Lets Get A Massage!


Wellness Bytes #3

Last week I had the wonderful pleasure of a massage with Virginia Delaney, LMT, in Wappingers Falls, N.Y.  I had not gone for this treatment in over a year.  As soon as I sank down on the table in the peaceful, low-lit room and listened to the soft music, I asked myself Why don’t I do this more often?

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Wellness Bytes – Commitment to Health and Wellness

Wellness Bytes #1

Many people start their health and wellness journey with the best of intentions. What happens? “Life gets in the way” – family obligations, work, time constraints, television, parties; life starts passing you by and before you know it, your good intentions have faded, leaving you frustrated, guilty, or discouraged.

The good news is, with the right support and accountability, and with discovering what will keep you motivated and inspired, regular habits will develop. You can learn ways around the obstacles that are holding you back and continue moving forward. Most people find this extremely difficult to do alone. Dr. Oz and Web MD have each endorsed health coaching as an effective method for making strides toward a commitment to wellness.

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Welcome to Integrative Health Coaching

As you are well aware – our nation is facing a major health crisis. We are aging, diabetes and obesity are epidemic, prescription medicines are becoming more expensive and many of us simply cannot afford our health care insurance costs. The good news is that our lifestyle behaviors can help to prevent and improve a significant proportion of chronic illnesses. This is good news for you because these healthy behaviors translate to cost savings, fewer trips to the health care office, and even better, rather than just being well, you can flourish in your life.

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